Wednesday, 11 April 2012


The article below refers to a 4 ship order recently given to South Korea. Whilst we have massive unemployment, a need for manufacturing skills and a massive trade deficit some plank called Bernard Gray (employed by the taxpayer) thinks this represents "best value for money".

So the idea is that we should give our jobs and treasure to another country when we are broke?......good idea.

None of the party Leaders have have pushed this issue, they all live in their Westminster bubble devoid of any common sense. This decision should have been debated and stopped by Parliament with cross-party agreement...........instead they are talking about pasty tax................pathetic

Newspaper quotation below

THE Royal Navy’s next generation of support tankers is to be built in South Korea, it was announced today.

The MoD’s chief of defence materiel, Bernard Gray, said the competition for the contract had “sought to engage shipbuilders from across the globe”.

He said: “I believe the winning bidder’s solution will offer the UK the best value for money.”

The four Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (Mars) tankers will maintain the Navy’s ability to refuel warships at sea and will provide support for amphibious, land and air forces.

At more than 200 metres in length, each ship is as long as 14 double decker buses and can pump enough fuel to fill two Olympic-size swimming pools in an hour.

Party leaders and party politics all useless, out of touch, out of common sense and selling the UK down the river.

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