Monday, 4 April 2016

I am standing for election as the next Essex PCC under the banner of;


RELENTLESSLY pursue more funding for Essex Police  

TAKE a Zero Tolerance approach to policing in Essex

DELIVER more visible street policing

PUT victims at the centre of the criminal justice system

GIVE you more opportunities to have your say about policing

PROTECT your local policing by standing up for Officers and Essex Police.

ENSURE you receive the highest possible standard of service       from Essex Police

My campaign is fully supported by Mick Thwaites, a former Divisional Commander, Head of Mobile Support-Police Operations and Temporary Assistant Chief Constable for Essex Police. Other ex-senior Essex Officers have indicated a willingness to support and work with me so that informed decisions will be made.

Having been born, lived and worked most of my life in Essex, an Independent Councillor for 13 years, coupled with my current career in local industry, I know the whole County of Essex well. I understand the make-up of the county in all its individual and unique communities, so I will not have a parochial mind set. I am a strategic thinker and I have the determination to fight for what is right for all our towns and villages across Essex.

I believe that the hallmark of any civilised society is community safety, with the cuts imposed by the government and approved by the current PCC Essex citizens are less safe. Recently published figures show crime is up, conviction rates are down. In fact I believe the current bad set of numbers are not accurate, the figures are significantly higher than those published.

Community safety is in my DNA and is under threat; I pledge to defend all of our communities.

Promoted by M Terry 66 Victoria Road, Southend on behalf of Zero Tolerance Policing ex Chief, PO Box 479, Esher, Surrey, KT10 1EN

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  1. In the area i live in Tillingham we be lucky to see the police, and i have heard call out take 12hrs!!! to get to us. What about the rural areas like the Dengie hundred and others in Essex will you do to get the serve we need? Jon Snell